The Garage

The garage walls had OSB used for siding on the outside with no vapor barrier or Tyvek behind it.

Over time, this resulted in water getting between the joints of the OSB and rotting out a section of the side garage wall.

Upon further inspection, I found that a few sections of the sill plate had also rotted out and would need to be replaced.

Probably best to use pressure treated lumber this time, rather than the regular 2×4 that was used last time.

And putting down sill gasket first would also improve the situation this time around.

So I got to work and repaired the rotted sections as needed, installed insulation and a new door, and then re-sheeted the exterior with 1/2″ plywood.

Once that was done, I wrapped it all in Tyvek.

It sat like that for a while as I still needed to redo the entire deck above it.

I had to redo the deck because a gutter that went down through the deck (into a drain in the garage) had failed to the point where there was a 2 foot by 2 foot section of the deck that had rotted out.

Once the deck was fixed, my brother and I installed Hardie board around the whole garage.

In fact, the weekend he came up and helped me was the weekend that there was an atmospheric river that washed out sections that we had to travel for both the Coquihalla Highway and Highway 1.

Lucky for us, we all decided to head back home earlier than normal.

But even by early morning, Highway 1 was closed.

So we had to cross over from Highway 1 to the Coquihalla Highway.

Then when we got to Merrit we found out that the Coke was closed a little further down and we had to detour around it through Princeton.

Princeton later flooded, but we managed to make it back home.

Others weren’t quite so lucky.