Core Values of the Brand

At its core The Brand is made up of three shared values:


Hard Work


Each of these are an essential component of what we feel represents The Brand, and by clicking on the links above you’ll be able to see exactly how we define them for ourselves as individuals and For Those Who Wear The Brand.



So many brands try to sell themselves as being on trend.

Well, we aren’t interested in being trendy …because trends come and go.

Instead, this brand is built around a a set of unchanging values.

And if the rest of the world takes notice …great.

But we aren’t chasing the validation that’s dangled in front of those who dance to the mainstream tune of the world – where one moment you’re the shiny object of their attention, and fifteen seconds later, you’re ignored.

And because of that, this will always be a brand reserved for the select few who actually get it, not those who conveniently jump on the bandwagon once they see everyone else on board.

This is a brand for the strong, for those who stand for values that can heal and reshape the world around us.

It’s for those who throw off the shackles of conformity and rise against the voices trying to erode the fabric of society around us.

And while most sit and talk, we know we are the ones destined to bring about real change…

…because we were born to rebuild the world around us.

Even if we are a nameless and faceless generation that operates outside of the spotlight, we are connected by our values as we band together to make a difference.

And this is your official invitation to join the revolution …if you’re ready.

Because there’s more to come.