Pot Lights

When we bought the place, there wasn’t any lighting in the main living area and there was just a fluorescent light in the kitchen.

So I decided to change that by adding LED pot lights.

It involved a LOT of sweaty, dusty, cramped work in the attic.

And of course, it involved patching the huge hole that the inset florescent light left when I removed it.

But even though it was a lot of layout, up and down from the attic and messing around, but it’s made a huge difference in both the living area and the kitchen.

I’d have to say that the most exciting part was turning off the switch for the fluorescent light in the kitchen, getting up into the attic to wire up the LED pot lights and getting shocked in a confined space.

Turns out that particular circuit had a three way switch.

So it was a bit of a trick not to react too much and go through the drywall ceiling as I kept getting shocked while wiring up the new lights.

But it all worked out just fine in the end.