New Windows and Doors

We had to replace all the windows and doors in the house (both interior and exterior doors).

All of them were broken or cracked, and desperately needed to be replaced.

You know you’re fully committed to finishing a project when you decide to remove a window when it’s snowing out.

Because if you screw something up and don’t get the new window installed, it’s going to be a little wintery inside.

After the window above, it was time to replace the doors below.

We replaced the kitchen door that looked like it had previously kicked in.

The kitchen sliding door was one of the first things that we replaced.

Getting it up to the house was interesting as when we drove into Cache Creek, the highway had flooded and traffic was stopped because the creek was overflowing its banks.

We weren’t sure if we were going to get turned around and had to go back home, but eventually we were allowed to keep going.