Master Bathroom

We replaced the vanity, toilet and flooring and installed a new door for good measure along with baseboards & trim.

Every single interior door in the house had a hole in it.

I also made the light fixture above the mirror out of galvanized pipe and a mason jar.

So they all had to go.

This might have been the only room in the house that didn’t have a big hole in the drywall.

But – just like everything else – it required the standard filling of holes, primer and paint.

I built the plywood vanity to fit the space, and went with soft close hardware here too.

This was the first epoxy countertop I’d ever tried to make.

After I’d made the vanity and countertop (and drove it up the house), I installed it and then put up a simple tile backsplash.

Then I installed the fixtures, hooked up the water lines and we were done.