DIY Inset Toilet Paper Holder

el Jefe

This was a pretty simple little project that involved making a toilet paper holder that is set in the wall in order to save some space.

I just had to get my measurements to make sure that it fit inside the wall and was still able to hold a roll of toilet paper.

To keep the set screw on the metal holder from being seen from the front, I had to screw it in place before I installed the toilet paper in the wall (otherwise I wouldn’t have access to it once it was in the wall).

I was able to screw the wooden box into the stud on the right hand side, and I put a 2×4 inside the drywall on the left hand side and screwed it in there too.

Now you don’t smash your elbow on the toilet paper holder like before, and there’s the added bonus of having a little more storage too.