It's October 1981 in New York.

Crime is rising as quickly as the interest rate, creating an environment of both physical and financial volatility.

And you're stuck at a perplexing crossroad, unsure of which direction to take.

You've recently graduated from univeristy, but you haven't landed a job yet because of the shrinking economy. In addition to that, your dad has passed away suddenly, leaving you scrambling to provide for your mom and sister.

And then your estranged uncle lights the fuse on the Molotov cocktail that is your current situation, by offering to help you get an internship as a stock trader with a mysterious company called Continental Capital.

Welcome to "Wallstreet Shadows: A Legacy Unveiled" - a story with a brand new format that blurs the lines between fiction and reality to create a new text-based immersive experience where the decisions you make can affect the outcome of the story.

As you progress, the curtain is pulled back to reveal a remarkable new world that continues expanding ...with each unique story element revealing an increasing depth to the characters, cryptic companies and the story itself.

While being pulled through a personal rollercoaster during the turbulent fall of 1981, numerous documents, websites and period-correct facts serve to bring the story to life in both the digital and physical world around you.

Welcome to the high pressure world of finance...

...just make sure you make good decisions and don't screw it up.

Because the stakes couldn't be higher.

Your journey begins by clicking the button below.