For many, loyalty is an old, outdated thing of the past.

Like a rare gem it’s often overlooked.

And while there are still some who understand just how valuable a loyal person truly is, most are quick to rush past as they chase after the next shiny object.

They miss the lasting value of:

  • Someone who is there for you …not when it’s convenient for them, but when you need them.
  • Someone who picks up the phone when you need to talk.
  • Someone who steps in and makes you food when your life has been turned upside down.
  • The person who picks up your kids when you’re in a jam and can’t make it.
  • The one who covers for your mistakes at work.
  • The person who gets out of bed at 6am when its -43 out to help jump start your truck when it won’t start.
  • The one who will defend your name when you aren’t there to defend it yourself.

Someone who is real.

Loyalty is often missed ~ because in a world where people fight for attention, those who are loyal don’t brag about what they’ve done to help.

Loyalty is rare.

It is the glue that holds a family, tribe, society and world together.

And this is a brand that’s built for them – the ones who are loyal.

The ones who actually get it.

This brand isn’t built for the masses.

It’s built for the few who live a truth that extends beyond the borders of their own self-interest.

And it’s in honor of these people that we have created our classic Cowboy Customs Branding Iron Logo.

Because these people often fly under the radar, we’ve made the design a little more subtle.

It’s a classic & simplistically bold design for those who understand what loyalty and riding for the brand really is.

Many won’t.

But the right ones will.

And if you get it, you can join in here.