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DIY Projects

This section is a collection of a few of the various projects I’ve done.

From projects around the house, to little products in this section I document what I’ve done so that you can either follow along or avoid the project like the plague.

I have a love/hate relationship with projects like this as I find them to be both rewarding and incredibly frustrating.

It’s nice to sit back and see the results of a successfully completed project, but the path to get there can often involve an incredible amount of time, extreme effort, profuse sweating and blood.

I know some say that DIY projects are easy….but it’s not always the case.

Follow along at your own peril as it’s not for everyone.


Business & Personal Development

This is my collection of stories, thoughts and general ideas concerning everything & anything related to self improvement and business.

I use it as a place to store my lessons & ideas as I go.

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